Peace on Earth Holiday Cards, 10 Cards

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Peace on Earth Holiday Card, 5x7", 10 cards and envelopes. Outside message: Peace Within, Inside message: Peace with Others, Peace on Earth.

Copy on back of card:

Mourning Dove in Snow
Even on cold snowy days I like to get out in nature. I find just a few minutes appreciating the beauty of the season can lift my spirits. On this day I chose to visit The Grove in Glenview. This Dove was all fluffed up to stay warm. It was an overcast day with snow on the ground and just a few flakes falling from time to time. It was very quiet and peaceful.
I chose this image for this card, hoping that some of the serene energy  
I felt when I took this photo will be transferred to anyone who sees it.
Peace begins within.

Walk in Beauty,

Carol Freeman

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