Message from Carol


I love nature.

I often spend hours sitting alongside a river or walking in the beauty of a prairie, enjoying sights, sounds and smells. Soon I feel refreshed, calmer, and more myself. I am a witness to nature. I record moments of time that will never be repeated, for me or anyone. Each time I go out to nature it is different – the light, flowers, beautiful insects, shy animals, dew drops all come together in a unique dance every day. It is my honor and privilege to photograph these big and little miracles.

Nature is the great equalizer. It is waiting for all and judges no one.  We can equally share in the richness and abundance that nature has to offer. How lucky we are to be able to walk out our doors and experience the infinite variety and magic of life. It is truly a gift, one that most people take for granted. It’s sad that so few people take the time to appreciate nature. Show this calendar to your friends; encourage them to go outside, put down the electronics and sit still for 15 minutes and be amazed at the wildlife that is all around. Take a picture, draw, write a story, and share what you have seen with others. Appreciating nature is part of appreciating ourselves, and seeing us all as a part of the whole.

I take photos because I love nature. I share them with the desire that others will treasure nature, and will want to preserve and protect it. It’s easy to forget that everything we have, wear, and eat, has come from the earth. Every choice we make impacts the earth and ourselves.  When people ask if we can save the planet, what they really mean is, can we save ourselves? The planet will circle the sun with or without us. But what about the ecosystem of evolved life? Can we go on if we cut down all the trees, poison the water, and pollute the air we breath? We might, but I doubt it would be very pleasant. So what can one person do? Eat organic – I know, it’s said to be more expensive, but is it really? Organic foods are proven to be healthier for consumers and farmers alike, not to mention the millions of tons of insecticides and pesticides that they keep out of the environment. Read “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson, and then decide which food is the most beneficial choice. Buy a hybrid or electric car – ok, they might not be as fast or as stylish as other cars, but so what? It’s time to put our egos to rest and purchase something that makes a difference. Recycle– yeah, it takes some time, but the resources it saves each year are huge! There are many small steps we can each do to ease our impact on the planet. Nature is not a luxury; it is a necessity. I encourage you to take the time to reconnect with nature and to be mindful of every purchase you make. Awareness is the key to change.

What will you choose to do?
Together we can make a difference.
Walk in beauty!
 – CAF